Joining storage nodes to NooBaa

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018 07:59AM PDT

A storage node is a machine with an operating system, CPU, memory, and file system. By installing NooBaa daemon, you actually turn this machine into NooBaa storage node and can start using it as a storage target for NooBaa.


  1. Go to Overview > Install nodes

  2. In the install nodes Wizard “Assign” step you need to choose the target pool for the future installed nodes. A pool is a group of nodes created by the administrator to reflect specific characteristics of these nodes. It can be a physical location, performance or any other characteristics. NooBaa’s machine learning algorithm will use this grouping in addition to real-time monitoring of the nodes in order to suggest grouping for any newly introduced node.        

  3. In the wizard “select drives” step you will need to choose between using all the drives in the targeted nodes or exclude specific drives from being used.

    To exclude drive choose the second option and type drives name accurately. After each name hit “enter” key.

    * You can also prepare all the drives names in a separate note document (write a drive name and hit enter) and copy the list directly to the Exclude drives text field.
    * Drives names can be Windows or Linux compatible - at the installation string we will use only the relevant names according to the os type.


  4. In “Install” step you will need to copy the installation script according to the machine OS type (you can copy both if needed) and paste it to a distribution tool (any distribution tool, including Puppet, Chef, SCCM, will work as well).


All nodes will be assigned to the pool you’ve chosen in the first step and can be found under Resources > Pools > Resource name
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