Create a new account

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018 06:10AM PDT

Multiple applications or users may require different permissions. In such case, a new account could be used to login to the management console, connect an application or both.

To create a new account:

  1. Go to Accounts > Create Account

  2. In the Account Details step choose the type and purpose of this account:
    - If this account will be used for login to NooBaa management console as a system admin leave login access enabled and type the account email address.

    - If this account will be used for S3 client connection only, there is no need to generate admin login password, Mark "Login Access" as disabled and name this account.

  3. Click “Next” to move to S3 access step

You can choose to enable/ disable this account S3 access, Granting S3 access will allow this account to connect S3 client applications by generating security credentials (key set).

** Note that if you disabled the login access you cannot disable this option as well.

After enabling S3 Access you will need to set a default writing resource and the account bucket permissions:
S3 default placement: Each new bucket created by this account via an S3 application will have a data placement policy containing this resource. Selected resources as default cannot be deleted from the UI. ​
To choose the default resource click on the dropdown and choose one of the system resources

Bucket permissions:  Choose which buckets this account can access to (and make changes) via an S3 application. by choosing all current buckets, permissions will be granted to all existing buckets in the system.

If you wish to grant full access to all current and future created buckets, set "Full access to current and future buckets" as Enabled.

5. Click on “Create” ​
6. In the creation message, you will receive all the account details, copy and send the information to the account owner or connect an application (according to the account type).

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