How can I share data publicly?

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2017 06:04AM PDT

Sharing part of the data stored in NooBaa is a common use case. 
In AWS S3 there is a sharing option called pre signed URL.
NooBaa supports this option out of the box.
Generating this shared URL is easy. It's possible even via command line. 

Below you can find a step by step tutorial to share data via AWS CLI.
One time setup
1. Install standard AWS CLI from here
2. edit the credentials file and add the following text. Replace the magenta colored text with your own information.


aws_access_key_id = <replace with your own key>

aws_secret_access_key = <replace with your own secret>

Sign command

aws s3 presign --profile=noobaa --endpoint-url=http://<my NooBaa DNA name> <bucket name>/<file name> --expires-in 36000

Example with NooBaa demo system

aws s3 presign --profile=noobaa --endpoint-url= movies/PeopleAreAwesome.mp4 --expires-in 36000

The result - Shared public file with this link, valid for 36000 seconds (10 hours)


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