Bucket Spillover

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018 02:47AM PDT

The bucket spillover is an alternative storage, either internal storage, which is available on NooBaa core machine or in any other storage pool.

This feature allows a quicker onboarding, and once NooBaa core is up and running, an application can start to write and read data from NooBaa.
Note that spillover is limited by its size and should be used for proof of concept or as a temporary solution.

Spillover will be used when the bucket storage is not enough to store new data. Any “spilled-over” data will be written to a resource configured as the spillover storage, which can be “system-internal-storage” or any other storage pool.  The system-internal-storage consists of the available storage on NooBaa core machine. Since there is a size limitation and since the internal resource is a low-performance resource, NooBaa will only write 1 copy and ignore any data resiliency or data policy configurations. Once the bucket data placement selected resources will be available again, data will start to spill-back automatically.

In the system's default bucket (first.bucket), the spillover settings are enabled by default. For any other bucket that will be created in the system, you will need to enable the spillover option.

To enable/ disable this option, navigate to Buckets -> Bucket page -> Bucket Policies tab-> Spillover section

Click on “enable spillover” if you wish to turn on the spillover option for the selected bucket. 

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