Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018 09:18AM PDT

Legacy applications may require file protocol access to NooBaa storage. 

In such case, commercial products like SME or Avere are valid solutions. 

Another valid option is the open source s3fs-fuse.

File System in Userspace (FUSE), is a software interface for Linux systems, which allows users to create their own file system structure in user space while letting the FUSE module to handle communication with the Kernel.
By combining NooBaa with S3FS-FUSE, Unix-based systems are able to access S3 buckets via a local filesystem path (e.g. /mnt/noobaa/demo-bucket) using common system calls, allowing FUSE to address the translation.


1. Follow the installation in this link https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse#installation
2. If a binary is not available, the following instructions will quickly build it for you  https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse#compilation

Mounting NooBaa Buckets using S3FS-FUSE

1. Create S3FS-FUSE’s password file. Use NooBaa's Access and Secret key from connecting appliaction. Run the commands:
echo <AccessKey>:<SecretKey> > /etc/fuse.noobaa.credentials
chmod 600 /etc/fuse.noobaa.credentials

2. Create the mount point by running the following comands, replace <noobaa_endpoint> with your actual endpoint:
mkdir /mnt/noobaa/files_bucket
Mount the bucket to the mount-point
/usr/local/bin/s3fs first.bucket /mnt/noobaa/files_bucket -o passwd_file=/etc/fuse.noobaa.credentials -o use_path_request_style -o url=http://<noobaa_endpoint>/ -o sigv2 -o parallel_count=8

Congratulations! You are now able to access first.bucket at /mnt/noobaa/files_bucket
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